Backward compatibility is coming to the next generation Xbox

The current generation of consoles has been weighed down on Xbox by its launch. Those at Redmond wanted to be more than a console and their ideas took a big initial hit. Fortunately, this generation was the prelude to something very big.

Backward compatibility was announced at E3 2015 and since then it has allowed us to play great Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Now it will come to Xbox Series X and Series S. That way we can play all games with more than 20 games. years of history.

Backward compatibility will be present on Xbox Series X and Series S

Yesterday it was announced that backward compatibility will reach the new generation as well. This allows us to start with a very large number of games available. Phil Spencer’s team has prepared for this generation.

After more than 500,000 hours of testing, we’re excited to share that all Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games playable on Xbox One today, except the grip which require Kinect, will be available – and will have a Look Better and Play Better – on Xbox Series X | S at launch.

– Jason Ronald (@jronald) October 28, 2020

The point is, as many insiders and media outlets testing consoles have reported, not all games can run on next-gen consoles. However, as you can see in Jason Ronald’s tweet, all Xbox One games are backwards compatible on Xbox Series.

A novelty that arrives in time before the launch of the new generation of consoles. Those in Redmond have done a spectacular job and now we are seeing the results.

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