Ballistic missile technology: China’s Olympic performance fueled by ballistic missile technology: China trains swimmers with ballistic missile technology to win Olympic gold medals

Chinese athletes take first place in medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Chinese players have taken the top spot in the medal count by winning 36 gold, 24 silver and 17 bronze medals in events held so far. ‘now. Besides the hard work of the players, China has achieved this success in the Olympics on the basis of training given using advanced technology. Recently, it was revealed that China is using ballistic missile technology to train its swimmers. The Chinese swimmers won six medals, including three gold, two silver and one bronze. This is China’s best performance in an Olympic swimming pool.

Provide training with ballistic missile technology
According to the Eurasian Times report, the aid of missile and aerospace technology has been used to train Chinese players. According to a report by Chinese state media Global Times, the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology (CAAET) played an important role in the formation of the Chinese swim team. Using aerospace measurement equipment and simulation training data, CAET performed inertial navigation subsystem technology tests on six swimming world champions in China.
Use of the inertial navigation subsystem
Based on the tests, detailed scientific training plans were created for each athlete, which were implemented with scientific support. This helped the swimmers improve their performance. According to the report, the Inertial Navigation Subsystem (INS) is also used to track technical structures such as timing, frequency of movements, length of movements as well as respiratory rate.

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technology used in ballistic missiles
The inertial navigation subsystem is a specialized technology used to guide ballistic missiles. This system uses instruments such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to measure the height and position of an object and move it toward its target. This increases the accuracy of the missile attack.

Take player data while sitting in the wind tunnel
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has also developed a smaller version of the INS. It is used for the training of its swimmers. This system helps swimmers improve their technique and maintain higher speed while swimming. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation put this system of a few grams in the wind tunnel carrying its swimmers. The data analysis from which he made many recommendations for swimmers.

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Also provide training to rowing players
This has helped Chinese swimmers to further improve their styles and techniques. Aerospace technology is also believed to have been used to train Chinese athletes in rowing competition. Many Chinese sailors are said to have been trained by the CCAC. CASC is said to have developed a three-dimensional force measurement platform. It helps China Rovers measure aerodynamic drag.

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