Baluch attacks against the Chinese in Pakistan: the Baluch rebels have changed tactics, the attacks against the Chinese in Chinese cities, Imran Khan in tension – The Baluch rebels attack the Chinese in Pakistani cities opposing the CPEC Bri Imran Khan in tension

In Pakistan’s economic capital, Karachi, there has been a violent attack on Chinese citizens recently. So far, Chinese citizens have been targeted in the rebel towns of Baloch that oppose the Chinese naval base and the high seas port built under the CPEC in Gwadar. Not only that, the Baloch rebels killed 7 Pakistani soldiers in Balochistan.

On the other hand, the Pakistani army and Prime Minister Imran Khan, who were under tension due to the increasing attacks from Baloch, are now trying to seal Gwadar with a wall of barbed wire. According to the Asia Nikkei report, the Baloch insurgents have changed their strategy and have now started targeting the Belt and Road Project, Chinese investments and Chinese citizens in urban areas of the country.

7 Pakistani army men killed in Balochistan, Imran Khan accuses India
On Tuesday, a Chinese citizen and his accomplice were killed in a gun attack at a car showroom on the outskirts of Karachi. They barely survived. A week ago, another Chinese citizen’s car blew up from the restaurant in upscale Clifton district of Karachi. The responsibility for these two attacks was taken by the revolutionary army of Sindhudesh.

China invests 150 billion dollars in Pakistan
The Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army issued a statement saying, “China and Pakistan are forcibly occupying the lands under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. We will continue to attack to target them. China is investing $ 150 billion in Pakistan under the CPEC. The CPEC is the most important part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Dream Project Belt and Road. Thanks to this, China will have direct access to the Arabian Sea.

The Baloch are opposed to this infamous plan of China and Pakistan. He says the Pakistani government is filling the coffers of the people of Punjab by removing natural resources from that region. Security experts say the Baluch rebels have now made Karachi their base from where they are targeting Chinese citizens. In 2018, the organization was also accused of assaulting the Chinese consulate in Karachi.

The attacks did not stop despite the formation of a special force
Pakistan has set up a special force, comprising 13,700 special commandos, to protect the $ 60 billion project. Despite this, the attacks against Chinese civilians working in this project are increasing. The Baloch Liberation Army Majid Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange in June.

Baluchistan is strategically important
Balochistan occupies a strategic position in Pakistan. Balochistan borders Pakistan and Iran, which is Pakistan’s largest province. At the same time, Karachi is also in the ranks of such people. Much of the China-Pakistan economic corridor passes through this province. The Baluchi also controlled the port of Gwadar, which Pakistan has now ceded to China.

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