ban on tight jeans at hazara university: decree from pakistani university, students do not wear tight jeans, also ban on makeup – pakistani university hazara publishes new dress code for students tight jeans without makeup

The controversy began over the publication of a new dress code for a university in Pakistan. Hazara University in Mansehra said girls who come to study should not wear tight jeans and T-shirts. Not only that, girls were also banned from putting on makeup, wearing jewelry and bringing large handbags. The university has also imposed several strict restrictions on boys. This order of the university was opposed by the students.

Hazara University instructed boys not to wear tight jeans, shorts, chains and sleepers. Likewise, boys were prohibited from having long hair and a ponytail. Students were told not to come to college without an I-Card. The university has also asked its employees to come in clean clothes. Teachers were invited to walk around the conference wearing black coats.

Teachers were also asked not to wear tight jeans, sleepers and shorts. These new rules were taken during the Academic Council meeting on December 29th. These new orders were issued on the orders of Shah Farman, the governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Farman is the chancellor of the university. On this issue, the adviser to Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that with these new orders, students will now focus on studying rather than competing in dress. He also said that now the gap between rich and poor university students will be over.

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