Bangladesh Chinese assassination: Chinese citizen made in Bangladesh, knife stabbed in colleague’s chest, dead – Chinese citizen in Bangladesh stabs knife in colleague’s chest dies

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Bangladeshi police arrested by Chinese citizen for killing his colleague Bangladeshi police say they prepared a report against Soon Xi Shee, 48, holding him responsible for the murder of his 46-year-old colleague Wen Wantao in Dhaka
A Chinese citizen is under arrest by police for the murder of his accomplice in the town of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Bangladeshi police said they prepared a prosecution case against Soon Xi, 48, holding them responsible for the murder of his 46-year-old colleague Wen Wantao. The incident occurred during a dispute at his residence on Tuesday.

OC Abu Farhad of the Sylhet Kotwali Model Police Station said two knives were recovered from an apartment on the fifth floor of a residential building in Pathanula. Farhad said Soonan was arrested in an injured state, while Wayne’s body was sent to postmortem, which showed deep wounds to his chest. He said it was difficult to interrogate Sun because he could only speak Chinese.

Chinese employees have issues with local people in Bangladesh
The two Chinese citizens worked in an electricity project being set up in Kumaragaon, Sylhet. It is not known why the violent clash took place between the two. In April, five Bangladeshis were killed in police gunfire following a dispute between Bangladeshi workers and Chinese executives. The workers were angry at the non-payment of contributions before Ramadan, the refusal to stop working during Iftar and the fact that they were not given Friday time off to offer prayers.

According to Bangladeshi activist Ayesha Zaman Shimu, Chinese employees often have problems with the people of Bangladesh because they refuse to follow local customs, but are often involved in fighting among themselves. Zaman said, “This happens very rarely with Indian or Japanese or even Western employees who respect local customs.”

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