Bangladesh enters full lockdown: Lockdown in Bangladesh for one week from Monday: Full lockdown in Bangladesh for seven days from Monday

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Bangladesh, rocked by corona virus deaths, imposed 7-day lockdown; Everything except emergency services and industries in Bangladesh will remain closed
Given the increase in deaths from the Corona virus in Bangladesh, a strict 7-day lockdown has been announced. This order will come into effect from Monday. Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader confirmed this, saying the government was ready to implement a nationwide lockdown as part of its efforts to stem the new wave of the epidemic. Quader is also the secretary general of the ruling Awami League.

Detention will remain in all offices and courts
Minister of State for Public Administration Farhad Hussain also confirmed the lockdown, saying all offices and courts would remain closed during this period, but industries and factories would continue to follow health guidelines and workers would work in shifts. He said that if we close the factories, the workers will have to make arrangements to return home, which is not correct from the economic and development point of the country.

Industries are exempt from foreclosure
Farhad also said institutions providing emergency services such as hospitals, clinics, medicine and ration stores would remain open during the lockdown. Soon all of the lockdown guidelines will be released. Last Monday, the Prime Minister’s Office issued an 18-point directive banning all public ceremonies in areas with high infection rates.

The PMO has also published guidelines
In a notification to the official gazette, an order banning all types of events, including social, political and religious, was published. He also said bus passengers would only travel half of their seating capacity. As of Wednesday, a record 5,358 cases of corona virus infection were reported in Bangladesh. At the same time, since the exit from the ravages of Corona, the maximum of 46 deaths have also been recorded in a week.

Corona set record in Bangladesh
According to the latest data released on Friday, 50 people have died in Bangladesh in the past 24 hours, after which the total death toll reached 9,155 people. On July 5 last year, 44 deaths were recorded over seven days.

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