Bangladesh: Fierce support for France on Facebook, many Hindu homes set on fire – Hindu homes in Bangladesh vandalized, set on fire in Comilla on a Facebook post on support for France and the cartoon of the prophet Mohammed

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In Bangladesh, a fire broke out in several houses of fundamentalist Hindus, who were furious over Facebook comment against Hindu youth, police sent commentator to jail, Bangladesh demonstrated against France for several days .
A host of extremists in Bangladesh have set French support on fire after ransacking the homes of several Hindu communities in Komila. These people alleged that a local Hindu made negative comments on Facebook on a post opposing France. Video of this incident also went viral on social media. Already in Bangladesh, a large number of people are demonstrating in the streets to protest against France.

Radicals angry with France
According to Bangladesh’s Dhaka Local Media Court, the incident happened Sunday afternoon in the village of Korbanpur, in the Muradnagar subdivision of Komila. After that, there is an atmosphere of panic in the Hindu community. The rioters set fire to the office of the chairman of the local union council Bankumar Shiva and the house of Shankar Debnath, accused of having commented. Not only that, they also attacked at least 10 Hindu families here.

The firefighters put out the fire
The fire in the houses was so terrible that it took several fire vehicles to put it out. This report claimed that the police team stationed at the local Bangra police station immediately arrived on site after receiving information about the incident. Komila deputy commissioner Abul Fazal Mir, police commissioner Syed Nurul Islam and other administration officials later visited the site.

France was supported by commenting on the Facebook post
The Dhaka court, citing residents, wrote that on Saturday a man from the village, Shankar Debnath, commented on a Facebook post linked to France. The message spoke of opposing France over the publication of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. It is alleged that Shankar Debnath in his commentary supported the caricature of the Prophet and supported France.

Police sent defendants to jail for inciting religious sentiments
Police have registered an arson case. However, for inciting religious sentiments, the police arrested Shankar Debnath and another accused Anik Bhowmick and sent them to jail. Comilla’s Supplementary Police Superintendent (ASP) DSB Azimul Ahsan said a group of residents of Korbanpur village attacked local Sangh Parishad President Bankumar Shiva, Shankar Debnath’s home, and vandalized several others Hindu houses.

Fundamentalists vandalizing Hindu homes

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