Bangladesh Israel Relations Latest News Passport Updates: News regarding recognition of Bangladesh-Israel relations has intensified due to Bangladeshi passport change

Dhaka / Jerusalem
After a major change in Bangladesh’s passport, relations with Israel began to boom. Bangladesh removed the word “except Israel” from its passport a few days ago. The Bangladeshi passport had a condition that “this passport is valid for all countries in the world except Israel”. Now the Bangladeshi government has made the passport valid for the whole world.

Bangladesh said – Policy has not changed due to passport change
Despite this, Bangladesh clarified on Sunday that it had deleted a sentence from its passport regarding Israel, but there was no change in its decades-old policy banning travel to the Jewish country. Israel hailed Bangladesh’s decision and called on Dhaka to establish diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv for the benefit of the people of both countries.

Israel hailed Bangladesh’s decision
Gilead Cohen, Deputy Director General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, tweeted and wrote: “Good news! Bangladesh has lifted the travel ban for Israel. This is a welcome step and I call on the Bangladeshi government to forge ahead and establish diplomatic relations with Israel so that the people of both countries can benefit and prosper. ”

Bangladeshi foreign minister refuses to talk about relations with Israel
However, after a few hours, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momin told reporters in Dhaka that he was making changes to ensure passports meet international standards. He said that should not be taken away to mean that there has been a change in attitude of Bangladesh towards Israel.

Bangladesh cannot visit Israel
Bangladesh’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying that Bangladeshi passport holders are still not allowed to travel to Israel. Bangladesh has always been a strong supporter of the Palestinians in the eight-decade Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He never acknowledged the existence of Israel and therefore has no diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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