Bangladeshi cleric Ahmadullah issues fatwa against Facebook Haha Emoji: Bangladeshi Maulana issues fatwa against Facebook ‘Haha’ Emoji

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Famous Bangladesh Maulana Issued Fatwa Against Facebook ‘Haha’ Emoji Maulana Ahmadullah Issued Fatwa Against ‘Haha’ Emoji To Mock People Maulana has over 3 million followers on Facebook and YouTube and he is on television But also come Dhaka
A famous Maulana from Bangladesh issued a fatwa against Facebook’s “Haha” emoji. Maulana Ahmadullah, very popular on social media, issued a fatwa against the use of emoji “haha” to make fun of people on Facebook. Maulana Ahmadullah has over 3 million followers on Facebook and YouTube. He often appears on television and discusses religious matters in predominantly Muslim Bangladesh.

Maulana posted a three-minute video on Saturday and talked about making fun of people on Facebook. He then issued a fatwa. Also says how it is “haram” for Muslims. Ahmadullah said, “Today we use Facebook’s Haha emoji to make fun of people. His video has been viewed 20 lakh times so far.

“It’s completely haram in Islam”
Maulana Ahmadullah said: ‘If you are using Haha emoji just for fun and that is the intention of the person who posted the content, then you are fine. But if the intention of your response is to ridicule or taunt the person who posted or commented on social media, then that is completely haram in Islam. For the love of Allah, I ask you to avoid this job. Don’t use emoji haha ​​to make fun of someone. If you hurt a Muslim, he’ll use language you wouldn’t have thought of.

Thousands of followers have reacted to this video of Maulana. Most people have commented positively on this. At the same time, there are hundreds of people who have laughed at this fatwa by making “haha” emoji. Ahmadullah is the new Maulana generation from Bangladesh who is very active on the internet. Each of his videos is very popular and has millions of views from him.

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