Bangladeshi justice minister says Khaleda Zia must confess if she wants to go abroad for treatment

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Bangladesh minister said former prime minister Khaleda Zia must agree to conditions if she wants to go abroad for treatment which the government prevents them from leaving the country
A senior Bangladeshi minister said that if former prime minister Khaleda Zia wanted to seek treatment abroad, she would have to admit her wrongdoing and apologize to the president. Previously, members of the former prime minister’s party claimed the government was preventing him from leaving the country for better medical care for political reasons.

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party Standing Committee last week demanded that the government allow party chairman Zia, 76, to immediately travel abroad for better treatment. “Zia should confess his wrongdoing and apologize to the president in order to go abroad for medical treatment,” Law Minister Anees-ul-Haq told parliament on Wednesday, Daily Star Bangladesh reported.

suffering from post-covid complications
Haq said that if anyone can find other legal provisions on this, they will give up their profession. BNP General Secretary Mirza Fakhr-ul-Islam Alamgir said last week: “AFM Siddiqui, the head of the medical council set up to oversee his treatment, said Zia had recovered from COVID- 19 but suffered from post-Covid complications “. He’s not out of danger yet. Alamgir had said he had to be taken abroad for better treatment of the liver and other complications.

BPN MPs Haroon ur Rashid and Musharraf Hussain alleged that the government did not allow Zia to travel abroad for political reasons. Responding to the allegations, the justice minister said that Zia’s family members had requested her release and said she should be taken abroad, “but in her request she did not mention any provision. of the law”. We reviewed the appeal under article 401 (of the penal code) and his sentence was suspended on two conditions and he was released.

Arthritis, diabetes and eye problems
She said there were two conditions for her to undergo treatment at home and for her treatment to be done in the country itself. According to the minister, Zia’s family had accepted these conditions and brought her back from prison. On March 25 last year, amid the coronavirus pandemic, dual prime minister Zia was released from prison for six months and her sentence suspended in two corruption cases. After that, the release period was extended several times. Zia was admitted to hospital on April 28, three days after being infected for the second time with the corona virus. Previously, she had been found infected on April 11. He suffers from arthritis, diabetes and eye problems. He was released from the hospital on June 19.

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