Banknotes displayed on helicopter guests at Pakistani wedding Viral video: Pakistan helicopter notes ‘rain’, audience cracked for Rob, viral video

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In the Mandi Bahauddin area of ​​Pakistan, the issue of the rain of notes from the helicopter is reported as the video of the incident of the rain of flowers and notes from the helicopter at the wedding ceremony in a wedding here has gone viral on social media.
In the region of Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan’s Punjab province, a case of the destruction of banknotes by helicopter has been revealed. It is said that during a wedding ceremony here, flowers and notes were sprayed from helicopters on the baratis. Video of Akash’s notes incident has now gone viral on social media. The groom’s brother lives abroad and he specially hired a helicopter to celebrate the wedding.

The groom’s brother rained notes and flowers on the baratis with helicopters. This is not the first time in Pakistan that has struggled with poverty, money has poured heavily into weddings. At another similar wedding, in Gujranwala, an industrialist paid his son’s wedding dollars. Her video was also fiercely shared on social media. See the video

Just a note-taking race everywhere
We see in this video that people are busy climbing on carts to collect notes. There was a contest to collect notes everywhere. The video shows that as soon as the procession reached the wedding hall, Dulhe’s father, friends and family started paying guests dollars and notes. On the other hand, there is also a lot of criticism on social media about this extra expense of destroying helicopter notes. People say that many Pakistani girls could settle down with so much money.

Explain that Prime Minister Imran Khan, who wants to make Pakistan poor, is putting the citizens of his country in a debt trap. Recently, in Pakistan’s Parliament, the Imran Khan government confessed that now every Pakistani has a debt of 1 lakh 75,000 rupees. The contribution of Imran Khan’s government in this regard is Rs 54,901, or 46 percent of the total loan amount. This debt burden has increased for Pakistanis over the past two years. In other words, when Imran took power from Pakistan, every citizen of the country owed a debt of Rs 119,999.

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