Banning Donald Trump justified but dangerous: Twitter chief Jack Dorsey – banned on Trump’s Twitter account “ justified ” but “ dangerous ” Jack Dorsey

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CEO Jack Dorsey has broken the silence for the first time on the company’s decision to permanently ban the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump. He defended the company, saying the trump ban was the right move. He said that because of what we have to do this I don’t feel very good or proud of it.

Dorsey said a dangerous decision
In a series of tweets on Wednesday following the company’s decision, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said it was a dangerous tradition and showed the company had failed to promote healthy and clean communication on its platform. Twitter said on Friday that Trump had been permanently removed from Twitter due to the threat of violence and incitement.

Twitter banned Trump’s account after attack on US Parliament
It should be noted that four civilians and a policeman were killed in an attack by Trump supporters on the US Parliament. After President Trump announced on Twitter on January 20 that Joe Biden had not attended the swearing-in ceremony, the California media company took an unprecedented step and closed its grip permanently.

We are not proud of Bain: Dorsey
Dorsey said I didn’t feel very good or felt very proud of the RealDonaldTrump (@realdonaldtrump) banning the Twitter account or what he was doing. We took this action after a clear warning. We made this decision based on information about the physical security threats on or off Twitter.

It’s the right decision for Twitter
Was it good? He said, “I think it was the right move for Twitter. We faced an unprecedented situation and focused our attention on the safety of people. Due to online reviews / statements that there can be some loss in normal life, it has been proven and most importantly that our policy is the most important.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

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