Barack Obama once reveals broken nose of classmate for using racial slurs: Barack Obama reveals, school comment of friend has broken nose

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Barack Obama has revealed that he broke a friend’s nose during a school fight. The former US president said the friend commented, so I broke my nose in a podcast on Monday, according to a report from Todid Hill Revealed Washington.
Former US President Barack Obama has revealed that I broke my nose when my then friend made a nasty comment about the locker room fight while studying at school. The first black US President Obama said that before this fight we were both friends and used to play basketball together.

Obama revealed this in a podcast Monday, according to The Hill report. He said, “Look, when I was in school, I had a friend then. We played basketball together. Once there was a fight between us, he commented. At that time, my friend didn’t even know the meaning of this, but he knew he could hurt me by that word.

‘I hit him in the face and broke his nose’
Obama said that after that comment, as far as I can remember, I punched him in the face and broke my nose. At that time, we were in the locker room. I told my friend not to say such words to me again. The Hill reported that Barack Obama went public with the incident for perhaps the first time. Throughout the interview, Obama strongly attacked commentators.

Earlier in 2015, Obama said in an interview that his country has not fully recovered from the history of apartheid. The word N (negro) is still used for them here. Obama said, “Racism has not completely left us. It is not about treating someone a nigger in public without any decency. This does not indicate whether racism still exists in American society. It is not a case of direct discrimination either. 200 to 300 years ago, the evil that society was under control, it cannot completely erase overnight.

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