Barack Obama vs Donald Trump: America: Barack Obama listened to Donald Trump, said – Accept defeat now –

Outgoing President Donald Trump is unwilling to accept it even after the US president lost the election. Trump constantly tweets that he won. Meanwhile, former US President Barack Obama overheard Trump in the clear. Obama said the time had come for Trump to accept that he had lost to Democratic Party rival Joe Biden because there was no possibility of altering the election results.

Trump received 232 votes from constituencies in the election. He contested election results in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona, rejecting defeat. He also called for a new census in Wisconsin. President Trump alleges that all of these states were wrong in the election. Biden received 306 votes out of 538 electoral colleges, far exceeding the required number of 270.

In an interview with CBNS News, when Obama was asked if it was time to accept Trump’s defeat, he replied, “Of course.” The show aired on Sunday. Obama said: “I think he should have accepted defeat – probably a day after the election or two days after the tax. If you look at the numbers you will find that Joe Biden had an easy victory. There is no possibility of change in the results of these states so that the election result can be reversed.

Obama alleged that under Trump, the White House refused to release general funds and facilities for the next administration. Confidential security information is withheld from Biden, who won the election like Trump did when he was president-elect. Meanwhile, Trump tweeted again that he won the election.

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