Barack Obama: Why do three former US presidents want to broadcast the Corona vaccine live on television? Know Reason – Three Former US Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Ready to Take Covid-19 Photos Live on TV, Know Why

There is still some doubt in people’s minds about the effect of the Corona virus vaccine in America. Therefore, in order to build public confidence in the vaccine, three former US presidents decided to apply their dose to them first. Barack Obama, Jordan W. Bush and Bill Clinton have declared themselves ready to take this vaccine together.

Obama ready to take a dose of vaccine on TV
In an interview on Wednesday, former US President Barack Obama said he had full confidence in Anthony Fauci, the US infectious disease specialist. They told me this vaccine is safe. Therefore, I will take his dose. He said I could get this vaccine live on TV, or it could be recorded. To let people know that I have full confidence in the science of this vaccine.

Obama admitted – Americans fear vaccine
Barack Obama admitted that there are a lot of people in the African American community who do not believe in this vaccine. He pointed out that mass vaccinations eliminate diseases such as polio and prevent massive deaths from measles and smallpox.

George Bush also agreed to install a public vaccine
Former US President George W. Bush’s chief of staff Freddie Ford said on Wednesday he spoke with Dr Fauci and the White House Corona Vaccine Response Team. During the conversation, Bush asked the team what they could do to help promote the vaccine. Freddie Ford said the vaccine should be considered safe first and given to people as a priority. For this, former President Bush will also put the vaccine in front of the camera.

Clinton also ready to take the public vaccine
Former President Bill Clinton has also said he’s ready to take the corona virus vaccine in public. Clinton spokeswoman Angel Urena said President Clinton will definitely take the Corona vaccine based on the priority of public health officials. If that helped build confidence in the vaccine among all Americans, they could take the vaccine in public.

Americans are afraid of the vaccine
A Gallup Polls survey in November revealed a lot of fears among Americans about the Corona virus vaccine. Forty percent of Americans said they would not take the Corona vaccine dose. These people have doubts about the reaction on the body of the vaccine.

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