Barbara Jabarica on Mehul Choksi’s Girlfriend: Barbara Jarabica: “Mystery Girl” Barbara Jarabica claims: “I’m not Mehul Choksi’s girlfriend on the run” – mystery girl barbara jabarica claims he’s not there runaway diamond dealer girlfriend Mehul Choksi

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‘Mystery Girl’ Barbara Jabarika Said I’m Not Mehul Choksi’s Girlfriend Barbara Jabarika Also Said Mehul Choksi Is Not Her Sugar Daddy He Said I Have My Own Income, My Business And I Don’t don’t need MehulRosseau’s money
“Mystery girl” Barbara Jabarika, who is surrounded by alleged ties to Mehul Choksi, who fled in the Thousand Crore PNB scam, said I was not the girlfriend of an Indian businessman . Barbara Jabarika also said that Mehul Choksi is not her sugar daddy. He said I had my own income and my business. I don’t need Mehul’s money, help, hotel reservation, fake jewelry.

Barbara Jabarika told ANI that Mehul Choksi wanted to put her in touch with her jewelry company but I declined her offer. He said Mehul gave him the ring and necklace so that I could join his jewelry business later. Earlier, Barbara had recounted that Mehul used to flirt with her and tried to kiss him in her office. Not only that, Mehul gave Barbara a faux diamond ring and necklace as her clients. Mehul told Barbara her name as “Raj”.

It has nothing to do with the alleged kidnapping of Mehul Choksi
India Today quoted Barbara as saying that Mehul Choksi’s lawyers have forcibly dragged her name into this whole affair. She said Mehul first befriended her and then started flirting. Barbara said she had nothing to do with the alleged kidnapping of Mehul Choksi. He said Mehul Choksi started befriending him last year. After that, the two became friends.

“There were a lot of occasions to kidnap Mehul but I didn’t”
Barbara said that Choksi tried to kiss in her apartment. My family and I are tense about this whole thing. Earlier, Mehul Choksi had played a new bet to avoid coming to India. He said in a letter of complaint to the Antigua police that I had been forcibly beaten and taken to Dominica. He recounted the hand of friend Barbara Jaberica in her kidnapping. On Mehul’s allegation, Barbara said that she had many chances of kidnapping Mehul but she did not. Barbara shows several messages in which information is available about their relationship.

I’m not Mehul’s girlfriend, says Barbara Jabarika

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