Barcelona business schools prepare to continue classes in this second wave of coronavirus

Barcelona business schools prepare to continue classes in this second wave of coronavirus

A large part of Barcelona’s business schools have decided to transfer, at least for the next 15 days, all their teaching activity to the virtual spectrum. This was done taking into account the recent restrictions of the Generalitat and as an exercise of responsibility in favor of the community to deal with the “second wave” of Covid-19.

In this way, business schools have not only had to accelerate the adoption of new pedagogical systems based on connectivity and digitization, but also have strengthened their internal communication to raise awareness of the importance of reducing mobility. This is the case of TBS Business School in Barcelona, ​​which has called on its students to follow the recommendations of administrations on social distancing, as they are part of the segment of the population most prone to socialization.

Even so, there were already schools that had been going through the digitization process for a long time, as Yancy Vaillant, professor and researcher in entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy at TBS Business School in Barcelona, ​​points out: “We were already in the process. reform of the Bachelor in Management program well before the pandemic, with a methodology based on a much more intensive use of digital tools ”.

This “digitalization by Covid” has also enabled various business school students to carry out their work placements remotely in a state of alert. Without going any further, Delphine Arnau, responsible for business relations and career initiation at TBS Business School in Barcelona, ​​explains that some of the business school students who were in a position to do their internship were able to do so. continue: “Given the restrictions, and with digitization and teleworking together, both companies and we have been able to allow students to do internships remotely.”

In this sense, “the possibility for companies to acquire talent from a distance has also facilitated the fact that companies have opened up to welcome students”.

The bet of the TBS Business School of Barcelona towards hybrid pedagogy

This openness to digital pedagogy is also seen by the center not only as a patch but as a bet to strengthen its quality standard: “Even with the opening of online courses, we are not a distance university”, specifies de TBS Business School in Barcelona. “We are very clear on the fact that the educational model to follow must include a great deal of face to face and proximity between students and teachers. For this reason, we opted from the start of the academic year for a hybrid scenario combining face to face and online training ”.

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