Barcelona prosecutor’s office investigates Vox over ‘Stop Islamization’ campaign

Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 3:25 PM

Published on: 02.16.2021 12:49

The Barcelona public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the “Stop Islamization” campaign that Vox launched on January 27 on social networks, following the complaint for hate crime presented by the Muslim community in Catalonia.

As legal sources informed LaSexta, the prosecution has agreed to initiate proceedings to determine whether the campaign promoted by Vox may constitute a hate crime, two days after the far-right party entered parliament with 11 deputies.

The training launched “Stop Islamization” through social networks on the eve of the campaign for the Catalan elections of the 14F, in which they launched repeated messages to warn of the “danger of Islamization” of customs in Spain and in Europe.

Muslims are linked to the Barcelona attacks

In fact, the campaign, which includes videos that intermingle images of the 17A terrorist attacks with others linked to the Muslim community, led Twitter to temporarily limit some of the functions of the official Vox account, for which the party announced that ‘he would file a complaint against the social network.

Distributed via the hashtag #stopislamofobia, the campaign links Muslim immigration to terrorism and crime, naming them responsible for more than 90% of complaints filed in Spain for criminal acts.

In one of the electoral acts of the 14F, the leader of Vox in Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, and the spokesperson for the training in the Assembly of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, conveyed their messages to warn of the “dangers of the Islamization ”in Ripoll (Girona) the city where the members of the terrorist cell that carried out the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona) lived in August 2017.

Complaint from the Muslim community to the prosecution

On February 3, the three federations of Islamic communities of Catalonia – FIC (Islamic Federation of Catalonia), UCIDCAT (Union of Islamic Communities of Spain) and FCIC (Federation of the Islamic Council of Catalonia) – and the Muslim organization against Islamophobia the Vox campaign before the prosecutor’s office to determine whether it may constitute hate crime and discrimination.

Specifically, two of Vox’s elected deputies in Parliament, Joan Garriga and Mónica Lora, are awaiting trial in Reus (Tarragona) for hate crime and discrimination following a campaign by the Platform for Catalonia (PxC) – in which the two politicians were part of the 2011 municipal elections in Reus.

In this campaign, the PxC of Reus sent fictitious checks for 4,000 euros in the name of Mohamed Alcabre Samir, with a text accusing the immigration pact of having “distributed 4,000 million euros over the past two years among immigrants ”.

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