Bárcenas claims that it was he who recorded Rajoy deleting the B accounting of the PP

Publication: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 6:07 PM

“I apologize because I will use my right not to testify.” With this declaration of intent, Luis Bárcenas, former treasurer of the Popular Party, began his appearance before the Kithen Commission of the Congress of Deputies. He takes part in it from prison and by videoconference.

But he spoke. Bárcenas ha querido dejar claro that él es el “más interesado” en que sepa la verdad: “Soy el primero en querer saber si la cúpula del PP de Mariano Rajoy y del Ministerio del Interior organizaron el robo de documentación y ordenaron el secuestro de my family”.

When asked by Socialist MP Felipe Sicilia to describe when he handed the money to the former government president, Bárcenas referred to earlier statements. “It’s exactly as I said. There was a recording in which you heard how I gave the rest of the box to Rajoy. I don’t know if that recording still exists, they destroyed it. when they broke into my home and my office. “. Thus, he claimed to have recorded the conversation with Rajoy and the moment of the destruction of the accounts.

When asked if in the files where kitchen documentation was kept there were invoices for the Rajoy costumes paid for in B or evidence that a company Gürtel paid the former government president for a trip , Bárcenas said: Have been very helpful both for the kitchen trial and for the trial that is currently underway. “

He also claimed that Jorge Fernández Díaz, former interior minister, organized the kitchen “because someone ordered it who feared all this information would come out.

Who knew box B?

Did Rajoy, Aznar, Casado, Cospedal and Aguirre know square B of the party? To this question, Bárcenas said that Esperanza Aguirre “in no way” because it had nothing to do with the headquarters. Neither did Aznar because “it doesn’t appear in my notes and I didn’t give him anything.”

Thus, he indicated that “the only two people with whom I have dealt are the president and the secretary general of the time when I was. I gave him sums ”. However, he said he did not have “an approximation” of the amount of money invested in the PP.

He claims he did not negotiate to prevent his wife from going to jail

In his statement to Congress, the former treasurer of the People’s Party denied that he had negotiated for his wife, Rosalía Iglesias, not to go to prison: “I didn’t ask for anything for my wife, and no one made a commitment. anything with me “. he condemned. Although he claimed to have received threats.

What he asked, and he confessed for the first time, was that his wife did not come in to testify through the normal door of the national court, and did so in exchange for the garage. A request he made to the “popular” Alfredo Prada and that he would have transferred to Rajoy, considering this favor fulfilled. Rosalía Iglesias entered the national court in a police vehicle.

In the same way, he also spoke about the kidnapping of his family: they put them in bridles, pointed them at his temples, and it was his son Willy who, having untied the bridles, succeeded in him. reduce. “I am not aware that they took documents from my house that day, I believe that at that time I had nothing at home,” he added.

Bárcenas, “sorry”

He also recalled that he had “repented” on the issue of papers, “both for having skipped the electoral law and the law on political parties”. And he also adds that he has “assumed the illegality that we have committed, others will have to recognize the illegalities”.

However, Bárceas explained that Judge Manuel García-Castellón indicated that due to the reserved nature of the judicial procedure, “it could not be public before the opening of the oral trial”. For this reason, she indicated that she could not reveal anything and that she had availed herself of the right not to testify “by legal imperative, so to speak”. Despite this, he showed his “willingness” to answer the Commission’s questions “as soon as the oral procedure opens”.

Receive a 12-day permit to get out of prison

The former PP treasurer will soon be able to be released from prison for 12 days with a permit issued by the national court, although they have denied him the third degree and the possibility of other penitentiary benefits like going to work.

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