Bárcenas claims to have stolen documents on donations to the PP that do not appear on their papers


Posted: Wednesday June 23 2021 20:55

Luis Bárcenas returns to testify before the judge of the ‘Kitchen’. On Wednesday, the former PP treasurer returned to talk about his relationship with his former party while in prison in 2013 and gave details of the material that was allegedly stolen, including documents on donations that were not not appearing in the “Bárcenas papers,” according to legal sources, laSexta says.

According to his testimony, the boxes he had in his office at the PP headquarters in Genoa went to his wife’s workshop in the Salamanca district. Inside – he assures – there was documentation on election campaigns, donations that do not appear in newspapers and payments on non-finalist cash donations, election mail companies and printing press.

A documentation that Bárcenas considers important because it represented the payments in B of bills for electoral services, for which the party also saved the VAT. According to the former popular leader, there were also two USB sticks with his conversations with Javier Arenas and Mariano Rajoy.

Likewise, the former treasurer told the judge that two years later, upon his release from prison in 2015, he started to open the boxes and realized that things were missing. At first, according to the account, he thought that the boxes that the PP had intervened at the headquarters in early 2013 were missing, but he never thought that they had intervened in the workshop. He also says that a journalist told him about a police operation, but that he did not give him credibility at the time.

He says he paid 4,000 euros to another prisoner for erasing tapes

Bárcenas was also asked about the erasure of recordings he had in the cloud, which he ordered from another detainee in Soto del Real in 2013. In this regard, Bárcenas said he paid him 4 000 euros to destroy this documentation.

The legal sources consulted explain that Bárcenas told how at that time he had resumed relations with the PP and that these “new positive relations” materialized in a series of penitentiary advantages, more vis-à-vis those enjoyed ordinary prisoners. .

Bárcenas handed the inmate to whom he returned this order a paper with instructions and access codes to the emails that the cloud had, which intervened in the aforementioned inmate during a search, according to the former treasurer. , who claimed to have given him 4,000 euros so that the management of deletions could be carried out.

At this point, the defenses highlight a contradiction in his testimony, since in the previous statement he spoke of a payment of 2,500 euros and now he says it was 4,000. For her part, the wife of Bárcenas, Rosalía Iglesias, told the judge that she did not remember giving money to her ex-driver, Sergio Ríos, to pay the prisoner to erase these documents.

In any case, according to the former treasurer, after three months, these extraordinary vis-à-vis which he had enjoyed were suspended. According to Javier Sánchez Lázaro, his link with the PP, they ended because in the training they did not believe that there was a recording.

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