Bárcenas criticizes the PP for “the cowardice of not showing your face” and for accepting box B

Former PP Treasurer Luis Bárcenas called on his party to stop being cowardly and accept that there was irregular funding for the party.

“The only annoying thing is the cowardice of a series of people who are unwilling, like others do, to admit that we were wrong, that we made mistakes, that we funded ourselves irregularly. and that we knew what we were. Bárcenas expressed to questions from his lawyer, Gustavo Galán, during his testimony in court that the judges in box B of the PP and the alleged payment with irregular money for the reform from his seat.

“In a situation like today, where everyone is out of politics and what are called political responsibilities cannot be demanded of them … It seems cowardly to me, in colloquial terms, to not to appear “, censured Bárcenas, condemned to prison for the first piece of Gürtel.

Bárcenas was referring to the former PP, not that of Pablo Casado, although he did mention a current leader, such as Enrique López, the training justice secretary, who introduced a friend of the former treasurer to the lawyer of the party.

Regarding Rajoy, Bárcenas gave more details about the episode he confessed in a letter sent to the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office: that Mariano Rajoy was not only aware of the off-book accounting, but also destroys the documentation present. of the former treasurer.

The former party director and former senator from Cantabria reportedly recorded this meeting, but the audio was stolen by the Kitchen plot, he says. Regarding the content of these documents, Bárcenas refers to the registration with Rajoy. In this episode, the accused goes to the office of the former president of the formation on the order of Javier Arenas, then secretary general.

“I go to Mariano Rajoy’s office, give him the amount and show him the last two sheets (of his papers), so he can see how we are handling this problem. He asks me, “How can you handle this? , And I told him that this was an indication of Álvaro Lapuerta (then treasurer) and that it was a guarantee that if anyone doubted that a contribution from a businessman or a certain duck had been recorded, that no one could question it, “he said.

“Then Mr. Rajoy turns around in his chair and, in the shredder behind him, destroys these two documents, which were photocopies,” he explained.

Bárcenas also gave more details on the documentation that had intervened and where: the police, when they searched his wife’s office, found the documents and tapes in a hollow chair where he had hidden them.

Architect Urquijo: “Bárcenas was like a god”

The architect who carried out the reform of the PP headquarters, Gonzalo Urquijo, declared in the trial of the alleged party box B that the former treasurer of this formation Luis Bárcenas “was someone untouchable, he was like God ”, a person to whom“ no one had access ”in 2005 and with whom he would have met“ two or three times ”.

Gonzalo Urquijo, owner of the Unifica company, wanted to “contextualize the situation” he experienced when he designed the work to reform the PP headquarters on Genoa Street in Madrid. Contrary to what Bárcenas said during the trial, Urquijo denied having had a meeting with him and with his predecessor at the Treasury, the late Álvaro Lapuerta, in which they proposed “to accept an amount off the books”.

“I have never had this meeting and I have never been offered that”, assured Urquijo, who indicated that he had seen Lapuerta only once at the headquarters of the PP “and not even inside the house. ‘an office’, but near the elevators. “I have not been with this man at any other meeting,” he added.

The architect, who faces a request from the prosecutor for 3 years in prison in this lawsuit, indicated that although the person who “signed and gave the green light” on the payments of the reform was “Mr. Bárcenas “, he estimates that she has not met him in person” more than two or three times “. “Mr. Bárcenas was an untouchable person, he was like God. (…) No one had access to him and he was a person to whom everyone had respect,” said Urquijo.

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