Bárcenas ensures that he keeps three boxes of documentation on box B of the national PP

Updated: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 8:49 PM

Published on: 02/24/2021 20:37

The former treasurer of the Popular Party, Luis Bárcenas, assured before the Punic conspiracy judge that he had kept three boxes of documentation on box B of the national PP. As he explained, the documentation would be kept by someone he trusted.

Sources in his environment point out that the person who kept these three boxes of documents is a person from the party very close to the former popular treasury who would have kept these papers, which at the time were sealed by Bárcenas himself, although ‘they don’t. find out if he still keeps them.

On the other hand, Bárcenas also said that all the territorial organizations of the PP had their own box B, that Genoa set the maximum limit for official expenditure and that later each autonomous structure had managed to cash the maximum with black money. .

These declarations intervene on the eve of the following Monday March 1, when the case B of the PP trial is resumed with the testimony of the ex-treasurer, in the file of the Gürtel affair called “Bárcenas papers”.

During this day, Luis Bárcenas assured to have delivered with the late Álvaro Lapuerta an envelope of 60,000 euros from a builder in Esperanza Aguirre in his own office in Genoa.

Regarding the delivery, which allegedly took place in 2007, the former treasurer said that the president of the Ploder company, Luis Gálvez, brought the cash to the PP headquarters. “Due to the size of the envelope, they should have been 500 euro bills,” he said verbatim.

Gálvez gave the money to Bárcenas and Álvaro Lapuerta, who in turn brought the envelope to the office of the former president of the Community of Madrid. Bárcenas also explained that he was not sure if Aguirre had later contacted Gálvez to thank him, nor was he sure if it was for a specific job, “but it was to have a good relationship.” , he declared before the judge.

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