Bárcenas insinuates in front of the judge that they tried to poison him in prison after the assault of the false priest on his house


Posted: Friday June 18 2021 6:21 PM

Former PP Treasurer Luis Bárcenas maintains that they wanted to make “life impossible” for him in prison and suggests that they even wanted to poison him. This is indicated by his statement before the judge of the ‘Plot de cuisine’, to which LaSexta has acceded, where he is convinced that the CNI infiltrated someone in prison to spy on him, as part of what he calls “Comrade Rajoy’s rescue operation”.

Concretely, Bárcenas tells the magistrate what he himself defines as “an illusion”, explaining that, just 10 days after the attack on his house by the false priest and the kidnapping of his wife and son, he suffered a “sudden allergic reaction”, although he had “never had an allergy of any kind” up to this point.

He specifies in this regard that he was treated with “large doses of gamma globulin and corticosteroids”, but that he subsequently again suffered a reaction and had to be hospitalized due to what caused him it has been said, was “an allergy of unknown cause.” A “coincidence” at the time which – he emphasizes – is “surprising”: “I never had an allergy and I never had an allergy. never had one again, ”they insist, focusing their suspicions on the prison commissioner.

He claims to have been spied on in prison

But, in addition, in his statement before magistrate Bárcenas, he maintains that his conversations with his lawyer were spied on and that the CNI infiltrated a prisoner to control him in prison. “The manager directed us to a specific booth,” he says, adding, “We were confident the conversations were being recorded. “Most of the prisoners went to some cabins and we went to the cabins of people who are in prison for belonging to an armed gang, ETA or Islamists,” he said.

In this sense, he is convinced that the Minister of the Interior at the time sent instructions concerning him to the Director General of Prisons. “Things of an abnormal nature happened. I had to call in front of an official and say which number I had called. The only person they asked for the number was me,” he says.

In addition, he maintains that the situation worsened after revealing before the judge his annotations on “box B” of the PP: “When I declare and recount the papers, we go to total and absolute belligerence”, condemnation. Thus, he recounts how he was “thoroughly searched” up to “four times”. “They wanted to make my life impossible. The second security official confessed to me that he was responsible for making my life impossible,” he said.

According to Bárcenas, a person was even infiltrated in prison to follow him: “Someone from the CNI comes into this center and follows me, with a small diary, is dedicated to taking notes of all the steps I take”, says – he, arguing that he obtained a photo of the NIF of this person, which did not correspond to the appearance of this alleged infiltrator, whom he describes as a “fake Dominican”. “He was a month and a half, he was a yacht skipper and brought a significant amount of drugs. And, suddenly, he disappeared from the module,” he adds.

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