Bárcenas lawyer announces lawsuits against Esperanza Aguirre

Posted: Thursday February 25 2021 19:11

Bárcenas’ lawyer Gustavo Galán will take legal action against Esperanza Aguirre for claiming to have incited the former PP treasurer to make false statements and for questioning the semi-release of his wife, Isabel Jordán.

The lawyer evokes the demonstrations during which the former president of the Community of Madrid reacted to what Bárcenas said, who accused her in court of having received an envelope of 60,000 euros from a company of construction to finance one of his election campaigns.

According to Aguirre, who announced a complaint against the former treasurer. , these demonstrations before the judge constitute “an immense trolling” of the Bárcenas to obtain penitentiary services.

Galán affirmed this in a statement signed by himself. “Ms. Aguirre forgets that she does not currently hold, free of charge, the status of so-called ‘accused’ in the Púnica room,” says Galán.

In addition, he assures in the letter that “it is surprising that a person, of the relevance that Doña Esperanza exercised in the public service, uses in his interest certain judicial decisions to discredit the testimony of Mr. Bárcenas and at the same time time to reject other decisions of different institutions of our State to refer to the obtaining of penitentiary benefits of Mrs. Jordán “.

In this sense, Galán maintains that “ it is inadmissible for a person of the relevance that Ms. Aguirre had to refer to two people, including this lawyer, who humbly intends to defend the interests of their clients, in addition to Mr. Bárcenas, who here has the status of witness, very different from that attributed in this room “.

And he insists: “What is appropriate, in someone who has come to occupy the post of minister, is to let our judicial institutions work in peace.”

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