Bárcenas ordered another prisoner to destroy Rajoy’s audio files he had in the cloud: “There must be nothing left”

Luis Bárcenas admits before the judge of the “Kitchen Conspiracy” that he ordered another inmate of the prison of Soto del Real, during a permit, to access the information on the PP that he had stored in the cloud and destroy it.

More specifically, the ex-popular treasurer gave this detainee a handwritten note, to which LaSexta had access, in which he asked him to “destroy all audios of MR”, an acronym which presumably refers to the former. President Mariano Rajoy, when he gave the order to this effect. “There shouldn’t be anything left,” he adds.

In his statement, Bárcenas admits to having tried to obtain the documentation through a Colombian IT intern who was going to leave, for whom – he claims – he paid him 1,500 euros to buy computer equipment, for example. through his then driver, Sergio Rivers. However, he argues that the objective was not to recover information against anyone in his party, but to “destroy” it, because at that time “there had been an approach” from people related to to PP.

In this sense, the former popular leader details that, from the “threats”, they began to offer him 500,000 euros and prison allowances. “In this approach, in which they offer me this amount, as a sign of goodwill, I give a note to this detainee saying to destroy this documentation,” he said. However, according to Bárcenas’ testimony before Judge Manuel García Castellón, the prisoner he had appointed was held during his leave and returned to prison.

“Whatever this man had to do I put on a piece of paper with a handwriting that was not mine,” he said, alluding to the handwritten letter which illustrates these lines, which contained “the instructions. “from Bárcenas. A document that, according to him, this detainee was located “a few days before leaving on leave” during a search.

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