Bárcenas, ready to pull the cover in the case of the PP box B and on the illegal financing during the mandate of Aguirre

Luis Bárcenas will pull the cover. The former national treasurer of the PP has changed strategy and will collaborate with the justice system in the face of the PP case B trial, which begins in February, and in other cases in which he is not charged, such as Punica, in which investigates the illegal financing of the PP.

His intention, now that he is firmly convicted and that his wife, Rosalía Iglesias, is also in prison, is to say all he knows about the illegal funding of the party.

The change in strategy occurs with the arrival of Gustavo Galán, a lawyer who has defended Isabel Jordán in Gürtel and Arturo González Panero and Guillermo Ortega in Púnica. The latter two also collaborated with the anti-corruption prosecution, giving details of the financing of the PP d’Aguirre in the Púnica case.

Bárcenas, who was PP treasurer between 1990 and 2009 and who became a senator for the party, was sentenced in May 2018 to 29 years in prison for his involvement in Gürtel’s plot.

Now that his wife is in prison, Bárcenas will be able to provide new information on the piece that the Central Court of Inquiry number 5 is investigating on the “ Bárcenas papers ”, the registers kept by hand by the treasurer of the PP era on donations from businessmen in exchange for public works awards.

The 19 years during which this box B was maintained (1990-2019) are those which justify the accusation of corruption and are the subject of an investigation by the judge of the national court Santiago Pedraz. The head of Gürtel, Francisco Correa, assured that the donations were illegal commissions in exchange for public contracts and that the data of the “papers” could be crossed.

Police, following Correa’s statement, found signs of improper awarding and the judge ordered an investigation into contracts over 600 million euros awarded during José María Aznar’s tenure.

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