Bárcenas to open kitchen committee appearances at Congress on March 11

Publication: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 6:32 PM

Bárcenas will return to Congress. The Commission of the Congress of Deputies which is investigating the kitchen spy operation called for the appearance of the ex-treasurer of PP Luis Bárcenas on March 11, the day of the start of appearances in parliament.

The Table and the spokespersons of the Commission which investigates the illegal use of the personnel, means and resources of the Ministry of the Interior, in order to promote the political interests of the PP and to annul the evidence against this party in case of corruption, during the government mandates of the People’s Party, today approved the list of 30 appearances in which former government president Mariano Rajoy appears last, closing the speeches.

Parliamentary Commission sources told EFE that the order of appearances had been agreed upon by the PSOE and United We Can and that although Bárcenas was called to appear first, as most parties requested , Rajoy and the former Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, will participate in the Congress at the end.

Agree with the judgment of box B

Bárcenas is required to appear in Congress on March 11, although he can exercise his right not to testify. The previous week should resume the trial before the National Court for the alleged payment in black money for the reform of the headquarters of the PP in the street of Genoa.

The appearance of Bárcenas in the first place in the commission investigating the alleged parapolice operation to eliminate the evidence in box B of the PP was requested by the PSOE and United We Can and supported by ERC in order to find out whether he negotiated with the current leadership of the PP, and since the former treasurer decided to collaborate with the anti-corruption prosecution.

Bárcenas recently pointed out that former President Mariano Rajoy had placed in a “paper shredder” the documentation that reflected the party’s B accounts.

Cospedal and Villarejo will appear

These appearances will begin on March 11 after the state attorney general’s office makes available to Congress the data collected by Anticorruption on the list of existing cases and the courts where they are processed related to this operation.

Among those present are, in addition to Bárcenas’ wife, Rosalía Iglesias, former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo and former PP minister, María Dolores de Cospedal.

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