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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received 4.2 million votes in the May 26 election.

New Delhi. The conflict in Syria has been going on for many years. President Bashar al-Assad has once again won elections in the war-torn region. He has been elected President for the fourth time. In the May 26 election, Bashar al-Assad received 1.42 million votes. It is being hailed as a major victory for Assad.

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The way is clear for Bashar al-Assad to become president once again for the next seven years. Meanwhile, the West has rejected the Syrian election. He says it was neither done independently nor is it fair.

Assad already considered victory a foregone conclusion

According to experts, Assad is already determined to win. The biggest reason for this is that thousands of displaced people living here have not exercised their vote. Voting could not take place in an area plagued by ten years of conflict. People living in areas controlled by rebels and Kurdish-led troops abstained from voting. At the same time, more than 5 million refugees, who have taken refuge in neighboring countries. He has largely avoided casting his vote.

Reject the election outright

Significantly, people in areas under the control of the Syrian government arrived on Wednesday to vote in the presidential election. However, opposition parties and Western countries have rejected the election outright. Members of Assad’s family have held the position for five decades. His first father was Hafez. Adas has been President of Syria since 2000.

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Two more candidates against Assad

This time two more candidates for the presidency were against him. Their names are Abdullah Salum Abdullah and Mahmoud Ahmed Mary. From seven o’clock in the morning, thousands of people arrived at the polling stations in Dashmik to cast their votes. Posters and banners in support of Assad were seen on the streets here. Meanwhile, a few posters of other candidates are also appearing.

Will not accept: Biden

US President Biden says he will not recognize Syria’s election results until a fair vote has been held under the auspices of the United Nations and all representatives of the Syrian community.

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