Basque Country, first community to ask for an extension of the state of alert beyond May 9: “We need legal guarantees”

Publication: Monday, April 12, 2021 12:52

Iñigo Urkullu asked the central government to extend the state of alert beyond May 9 because “Euskadi needs legal guarantees”. He did so a few days after Pedro Sánchez announced that his intention was not to extend this extraordinary measure any longer.

In statements to “Radio Euskadi”, the Lehendakari questioned whether the chief executive “renounces the state of alarm” because, in his opinion, “it must be maintained”. And, as he recalled in this interview, “we are going to have to continue living with the pandemic for many months”.

In this sense, Urkullu recalled that if this legal tool is not applied, the autonomous communities will not be able to apply curfews or restrictions on mobility because “the state of alert allows to apply what affects fundamental rights ”.

Likewise, the Basque chief executive warned that part of society could relax in terms of respecting the restrictions and that the autonomies will “end up with a rapid operational handicap”.

The lehendakari was the first regional leader to ask Sánchez to extend the state of alert, but in recent days several regional presidents have criticized the government’s actions.

From the Community of Madrid, they insist that the leadership of the central executive is “irresponsible”. Isabel Díaz Ayuso underlined that “its way of governing and its sanitary measures are in decline”, while the legal adviser of the region believes that “the pandemic continues for electoral purposes”.

From Castile-La Mancha, they show “some doubts” with the end of the state of alarm and in Andalusia, they qualify Pedro Sánchez’s decision as “hasty”. “The president is thinking of the support he has in Congress to approve another state of alert,” said Elías Bendodo.

From the Navarrese executive, they declared that “they would have no problem asking” for an extension of this legal measure and they maintain that “the co-governance has worked well so far”. While from the Balearic Islands, remember that the extension does not depend only on the central executive, but “also on the political groups” who must support it.

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