Basque private gambling workers unite to defend their work

Basque private gambling workers unite to defend their work

Euskal Jokoetako Langileen Koordinatzailea spokesperson Txarli Ayala denounces that many workers have not yet received the ERTE and calls on the government “to immediately reopen their work centers.

BY RRHH Digital, 03:10 – 05 January 2021

Some 2,000 workers from 210 gaming halls in the Basque Country have created the Euskal Jokoetako Langileen Koordinatzailea (EJOLAKO) with the aim of defending their jobs, “against the attacks that – they say – we are suffering from the Basque government”.

The workers of the playrooms in Euskadi, fed up with being singled out as “responsible” for COVID infections and “gambling” have broken their silence today to denounce that their work centers “have been closed since November 7th and many of us still haven’t collected ERTES since then ”.

EJOLAKO spokesperson Txarli Ayala denounced that the government “forces them not to work, at least, until January 11” and demanded “the immediate reopening of their work centers. guaranteed that we could resume work on that date and no one could demonstrate either that we are not complying with all anti-COVID measures, ”Ayala stressed.

In the coordinator’s presentation, the workers’ spokesperson assured that “ours is decent work. We are not criminals, we work to offer a quality service to citizens who decide, in the exercise of their free will, to access one of the multiple gaming rooms open in the Basque Country to enjoy a part of their free time. Game Room workers ensure compliance with applicable regulations, we prevent minors and prohibited persons from entering the premises and we comply with all anti-COVID measures ”. Txarli Ayala stressed that salon workers “control access, take temperature, force customers to wear a mask, disinfect machines after each use and ventilate the premises.”

The workers of the Euskadi gambling halls denounce “the comparative prejudice” caused by the closure of these premises because if they cannot work, the salesmen of the state lottery and of the ONCE continue to “make a fortune” . Ayala stressed that in 2020 “no source of contagion has been detected in the Euskadi salons” and regretted that the Basque government “condemns them to hunger queues”.

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