Battery usage on Xbox is due by agreement with Duracell

Despite the fact that we have a next-gen console, the Xbox Series X | S continue to operate on batteries. It’s something heavily criticized in the console war, but it’s really not a big deal for Xbox users. But it is curious how in the middle of the year 2021 the batteries continue to prevail on Xbox. Duracell is partly responsible for this.

With the new consoles came a next generation controller for the Xbox Series X | S. Although this is a new remote, one thing that doesn’t change is the inclusion of two replaceable AA batteries. The Redmond giant has used AA batteries in its Xbox controller for many years, while the competition has shifted to rechargeable batteries, although the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller includes a built-in, non-removable rechargeable battery.

Duracell and the secret deal with Microsoft to include its batteries

Over the years, Xbox fans have regularly criticized that Microsoft should provide rechargeable batteries for free with their Xbox controllers instead of the included AA batteries which will only last around 10 hours.

While many Xbox gamers love the ability to use different types of batteries with Xbox controllers, it turns out that the inclusion of AA batteries with each controller is the result of a partnership between Microsoft and Duracell. Luke Anderson, head of marketing at Duracell UK, discussed the deal between the two companies in an interview with Stealth Optional (via Video Games Chronicle) this week:

“There’s always been that partnership with Duracell and Xbox… It’s a permanent deal that Duracell and Microsoft have in place.”

He added: “[El trato es] that the OEM provide the battery for the Xbox consoles and also the battery for the controllers. So [el acuerdo] it’s gonna last a while … it’s been going for a while and i think it must last a while [más]”.

Including non-rechargeable AA batteries with every Xbox controller might not really be good for the environment, but the ability to use rechargeable solutions is really nice. It should also be remembered that the new Xbox Series X controllers | S are compatible with Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming and charging kits.

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