bayraktar tb2 payload: specs and bayraktar tb2 missiles from Turkey Know all updates: specs and missiles of bayraktar tb-2 drone from Turkey

year 2020. A soldier stands near a Russian T-72 tank. Then a missile fired from the drone arrives and hits him. In an instant, a plume of fire and smoke blanketed the sky. When the image is clear, it can be seen that the two legs of the jawan have been blown away, while the chariot has now become a fireball. Yes, this incident comes from the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. In which the two countries fought for more than two months for the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Attack drones have turned the tide of many wars
During this war, Azerbaijan made full use of Turkish and Israeli drones to turn the tide of the war. Despite Russia’s hand over Armenia, it had to face defeat. Even America and Russia were surprised to see the use and effect of drones in wartime. After this war, armies around the world deploy an army of drones for war against enemies.

Russia and Britain unhappy
In recent years, the use of drones in minor regional conflicts has proven its usefulness. Therefore, in today’s era, drones are seen as the new strategic and effective weapon of the battlefield. Many military officials from the United States, Russia and Britain have expressed serious concerns about drones made in Turkey and China. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has made a very strong statement on Turkish drones in Syria. He then said that Turkish-made drones are changing the global geopolitical situation.

The world is moving towards cheap drones
Technological advancements and global competitors have created cheaper alternatives. This is the reason why Turkey is now getting many buyers of its drones. Last year Turkey presented its Bayraktar TB2 armed drone to the world. The Turkish TB-2 is lightly armed compared to the American MQ-9. It can be equipped with four laser-guided missiles. Being radio-guided, this drone can be used within a radius of 320 km.

Turkey made a missile-like drone, America is fine, but why was Russia worried?
Many big buyers of this Turkish drone
Many countries have expressed interest in purchasing this Turkish drone. It also includes Qatar and Ukraine. This drone was prepared by the motorcycle company, which claims it is more deadly. Byker began manufacturing auto parts in 1984, later joining the aerospace industry. NATO member Poland announced last year that it would purchase 24 TB2 drones from Turkey. Turkey says many other NATO countries are also in talks to deal with it.

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TB-2 in Syria fired
The TB2 drone marked the world by showing its power in the Syrian sky in early 2020. At the end of February, the Syrian forces supported by Russia launched an operation to capture the city of Idlib. The city was occupied by rebel groups backed by Turkey. During this fierce battle, 30 Turkish fighters were killed in Syrian airstrikes. Turkey then launched Operation Spring Shield. It was equipped with electronic warfare systems, ground troops, artillery and warplanes with drones.

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