BBC apologizes for ‘incomplete’ map of India after complaint: BBC apologizes for ‘incomplete’ map of India after complaint

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The BBC apologized for the “incomplete” map of India following the complaint and also corrected it. The map shown by the BBC missed the borders of Jammu and Kashmir. People have also started to express their feelings about it on social media. After that, members of the Indian community demanded swift action.
The BBC apologized on Tuesday for using the wrong map of India and corrected it. The map missed the boundaries of all of Jammu and Kashmir, after which Labor MP Virendra Sharma officially wrote a letter to the BBC. The BBC World Service’s program ‘US Election 2020: What the Countries of the World Want from Biden’ about newly elected US President Joe Biden showed an incomplete map of India in which the Union territory from Jammu and Kashmir has not been shown. In a letter to Dewey, managing director of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Sharma called it “quite abusive” and sought answers to the editorial guidelines that were followed.

He is also chairman of the Indo-British parliamentary group All Party. The letter published on Monday said: “This map shows India incomplete, it does not contain Jammu and Kashmir which is an integral part of India.” Not to show Jammu and Kashmir like an Indian is a gross insult to the millions of Indians living here in the UK and India. “This includes removing this graphic from the BBC and showing it with real geographic boundaries and not doing so in the future. Have been urged to take action.

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After his letter, people began to express their feelings on the issue on social media and members of the Indian community demanded swift action. The BBC apologized and corrected the map of India in online broadcasts in which the borders of Jammu and Kashmir were shown in the standard format shown by news channels in Britain. A BBC spokesperson said: “From London we have distorted a map of India online and this is not the standard map used by BBC News.” This has now been fixed. We apologize. ”

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