BBC interview with Princess Diana: The BBC reporter had decided by ‘cheating’ Princess Diana’s interview there was a heckling over Charles-Camilla with comments – report reveals reporter from BBC got Princess Diana interview with cheating tricks

In 1995, a BBC reporter interviewed Diana for lying. An investigation revealed that this was a serious violation of the broadcaster’s rules. The interview was controversial and Diana also commented on Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. After that, there was an uproar in the British royal family. This interview has been watched by millions of people.

Bashir showed false documents
The BBC said in November it had appointed a retired senior judge to investigate the case. In fact, Diana’s brother Charles Spencer alleged that journalist Martin Bashir prepared Diana for interviews using false documents and other deception. Spencer alleges that Bashir showed him false documents from Diana’s former private secretary and another former member of the Royal Bank. Thanks to this, he wanted to join Diana.

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“ Three people were in marriage ”
During an interview during the “Panorama” news program, Diana said of Prince Charles and Camilla: “There were three of us at this wedding. BBC Chairman Richard Sharp said the company accepted Zank’s report and that there were “unacceptable errors”. During the interview, John Burt, who was the managing director of the BBC, apologized to Spencer in a statement.

“ 25 years to become reality ”
Burt said: ‘We have to say now that the BBC allowed a bad reporter to come on’ Panorama ‘which created a detailed but completely inaccurate story about Earl and Princess Diana. It blurs the BBC’s commitment to honest journalism and it is sad that it has taken 25 years for the whole truth to be revealed.

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The investigation showed that had the actions taken by Bashir influenced Diana’s decision to give an interview? He also saw how much the BBC knew about the bad bank documents Bashir had shown, according to Spencer.

Death after one year of divorce
Diana divorced Charles in 1996 and died in a car accident in Paris the following year. Charles later married Camilla. Bashir was the religion editor for BBC News and left the company last week due to his health. He is seriously ill from Kovid-19.

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