BCCI: Kangal Pakistan spent 33 crore to fight India, got nothing, created a ruckus

Pakistan, standing on the doorstep of Bengali, has now spent over Rs 33 crore in litigation after eating at the cricket ground from India. In return, Pakistan did not receive a single rupee from India. There was a political outcry in Pakistan after the revelations in the official archives. This amount is said to be 100% higher than the annual PCB budget allocated to the merit of Pakistan’s 192 top cricketers.

Pakistani parliamentary panel calls for responses to PCB
A parliamentary panel from Pakistan recently called on the PCB, the Pakistan Cricket Board, to take action against those responsible. Despite this, the CCP took no action against any officer. CCP Chairman Ehsan Mani himself admitted that Pakistan had failed to comply with the claim against BCCI.

Why did Pakistan say
In fact, Pakistan claims that in 2014 there was an agreement with India on 6 rounds of cricket. After which, India canceled the series due to the situation between the two countries. After which, Pakistan claimed that the PCB had spent Rs 450 crore in its preparations. The PCB appealed to the Dispute Resolution Forum (DRF) of the International Cricket Council.

China shows poor Imran Khan in Pakistan asking for additional collateral before loan
Imran Khan again took out a loan of 416 thousand crore
Pakistan, which is on the threshold of Bengali, has again contracted a new loan of 1.2 billion dollars (Rs 000) to operate its economy. With this new amount of debt, Pakistan has so far raised new borrowing of 5.7 billion dollars (4 16 01, 73 50 000 Rs) during the first half of the current fiscal year.

Pai-Pai thirsts for ‘poor’ Pakistan, Imran Khan takes 416,000 crore loan again
Saudi Arabia and UAE also requested Pakistan loan
At the same time, Prime Minister Imran Khan blames previous governments for the country’s crisp economic conditions, even after leading the government for two and a half years. The situation has reached such a point in Pakistan that even the Imran Khan government has to be manipulated to pay the salaries of government employees. Pakistan’s biggest “donors” Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are looking to repay their multibillion-dollar debt. At the same time, China, Pakistan’s eternal friend, is also reluctant to give loans to Pakistan.

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