“Be a policeman and help my family”

From laSexta, we keep trying to show the stories beyond the numbers. People who survive after the massive arrival of migrants in Ceuta these days. Many are minors, aged 15 or 16. Young people without resources, who resist in the autonomous city with just what they wear and thanks to the help of certain Ceuta and NGOs.

And when, in addition to being a migrant and a minor, being a woman is added, the situation becomes more difficult. laSexta spoke with Salma. She is one of the few girls we have seen among the massive group of migrant minors who have arrived these days. He is 15 years old and like everyone else he reached Ceuta swimming and with a lot of hope. Many women stay in Morocco to take care of the family and it is the men who cross paths to try for a better life.

For Salma, her dream is to be a police officer and with what she earns she wants to help her family, her mother and her brothers, but the few hours she spent in Ceuta are a bath of reality.

“I never imagined that I would find it so devastated, with so many minors … if I knew it, I would not have come,” he says. But he adds that he does not want to return to Morocco for the world.

The case of Osama is also an example of what hundreds of minors are currently going through. He’s 16. He’s been in Spain for a few hours. His family don’t know anything about him. But he doesn’t have the money to call them. So Youssef, a Moroccan who has lived in Ceuta for years, lends him his phone.

In front of LaSexta’s cameras, he talks to his father. He asks him to return to Morocco but Osama replies that he will not do so. He is left alone in the city, with other destitute minors but with hope and for the first time since we spoke with him, he smiles. Even in these difficult times, she draws her strength to thank Youssef for having been able to make this call. Another sample of humanity, which transcends politics, among the stories that come to us these days.

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