Beautiful Islam outside Europe: angry red slogans after the terrorist attack in the church in Nice, return to Islam

The local population is extremely angry at the brutal murder of three people in the city of Nice in France. After this horrific incident, residents of Nees held a rally near Notre Dam Church on Thursday evening to pay tribute to those killed. They launched slogans against the terrorist organization ISIS and sang the national anthem of France. Meanwhile, videos of many people shouting “Return to Islam in Europe” are also going viral.

Through this gathering, the inhabitants of Nees demonstrated their solidarity against fundamentalism and terrorism. Also said it’s time for people to come together. They demanded strict action against the terrorists. Previously, an attacker of Tunisian origin had strangled a woman in a church in Nice and brutally stabbed two others. Investigations so far have also revealed that the assailant entered the church with a book of the Koran and a knife in his hand.

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The attacker shouted ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’
Like Paris, the incident here also qualifies as terrorism. The mayor of Nice, Christian Istorci, said the attacker was arrested after the Notre-Dame church incident. The French counterterrorism department took responsibility for investigating the incident after qualifying it as terrorism. The mayor of Nice claimed that the accused shouted “Allah-hu-akbar” as he had done during the Paris incident after being arrested.

The investigation into the terrorist attack was shocking. According to the anti-terrorism prosecutor, the man who killed three people while entering the church in Nees is a Tunisian citizen. The 20-year-old entered France via Italy. He has a document at the Red Cross in Italy. He arrived on the island of Lampedusa, Italy, by migrant boat. He was shot dead by the police and his condition is critical.

President calls it an ‘Islamic terrorist attack’
The French president called the incident an “Islamic terrorist attack”. He said the number of soldiers deployed to protect public places has risen from 3,000 to 7,000. The country’s security alert has been raised to the highest level. There have been two terrorist attacks in the city of Nice in three months. These are considered to be associated with Islamic fundamentalism.

In Nice, a man stabbed and killed three people. A similar incident happened in Paris a few days ago. In the midst of this atmosphere, President Emmanuel Macron declared that France was once again “the victim of a terrorist attack”. He said the attack on France was made because of the value of the country’s freedom and the desire not to give in to terrorism. Not only that, he even said that France would not give up its values ​​after the Islamic terrorist attack.

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