BeGas plans to double its workforce in 2023, after increasing it by 30% in recent months

BeGas plans to double its workforce in 2023, after increasing it by 30% in recent months

Faced with the situation of the industrial sector, with the fourth largest drop recorded among EU countries, according to Eurostat, the technology company BeGas is committed to reviving the economy and strengthening the Spanish automotive industrial fabric, thanks to its commercial strategy from 2021.

This means the creation of more than 30 jobs in the next two years, which will undoubtedly be a tremendous boost for the sector but also for Biscay, in line with the company’s commitment to the industrialization of this region.

“Our plan is a commitment for the future and places the development of employment in the sector as one of the central axes of our strategy. Since July we have increased our workforce by 30% and now we want to continue to grow and innovate in the use of alternative fuels to contribute to a sustainable future in the transport of people and goods ”, says Pedro Silva, CEO of BeGas.

This pioneering company in the manufacture of engines powered 100% by autogs, estimates to double its workforce by 2023, reaching 60 people. To do this, it maintains a human resources strategy based on the recruitment of multidisciplinary and diversified talents and the creation of stable and quality jobs.

The objective is none other than to constitute a team capable of providing complementary experiences and skills at an intergenerational level which allow them to seek innovative solutions to the challenges they face on a daily basis in order to improve the service of their customers.

“We are looking for engineers and technicians specializing in automotive and alternative energies to transport who are always looking for a way to go further, to learn new things to generate value beyond their own. own expertise. These characteristics make our team one of the keys to our success, ”says Silva.

Commercial development forecasts are very optimistic after several local companies are working with BeGas to integrate their engines into vehicles dedicated to heavy urban transport. For this reason, in addition to hiring new professionals, the Spanish company also engages in the internal promotion of its workforce, which, added to the continuous feedback and recognition of a job well done means that there is virtually no staff turnover in the organization. .

Currently, the startup has a team spread over two sites: Biscay, where the production cell is located, and Madrid, where the engine integration unit with state-of-the-art tools is located.

BeGas, an ally of local businesses in the energy transition.

Aware of the need to rethink urban transport and promote the transition to cleaner energies that help improve air quality, BeGas estimates that it will achieve production of more than 100 engines in 2021 and exceed 500 thrusters. produced in the next two years.

To achieve this and that more local businesses and corporations can join the energy transition thanks to its engines, the Biscay-based company offers two solutions. On the one hand, the re-engineization of a model already created for diesel, which implies the replacement of this engine by the AVG of BeGas. Thanks to this strategy, local institutions with fewer resources can focus on sustainable transport without having to invest large budgets or completely replace their fleet of vehicles.

On the other hand, BeGas also offers its engines through another aspect focused on the new vehicle. In this case, he works directly with the assembly lines of the automakers, supplying them with the green engine and offering them engineering and calibration support so that the thruster is optimally integrated into the vehicle.

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