“Being a minister should not be asked for or refused”

Update: Monday July 12, 2021 12:40 p.m.

Posted: 12.07.2021 12:38

New ministers, new life. If anything became clear after the reshaping Pedro Sánchez carried out in his team, it is that the schism that was experienced within the Spanish government was not one that was staged from the outside. The PSOE has been renewed, yes, but Unidas Podemos has not seen its influence reduced by one iota.

The real struggle that ended with Calvo, Ábalos and Iván Redondo on the edge, far from the Moncloa, was experienced internally: the struggle for power that led the people of the PSOE, organic life, socialist militancy, and the true guru, Redondo, who acted as court adviser and whose legend and figure exceeded his royal duties.

This was seen in the portfolio transfers that were organized on Monday. For example, in the Ministry of the Presidency, held until now by Carmen Calvo and which will now be headed by Félix Bolaños, a real plumber in the shadow of Moncloa and a man of the greatest confidence in Pedro Sánchez.

Bolaños, maximum confidence of Sánchez

“The times I thought and was happy not to be a minister. Some ! Bolaños smiled in his speech after the transfer of the portfolios, with practically all the incoming and outgoing ministers present in the room, from the two parties that make up the coalition, who burst out laughing. “But these things,” he insisted, “should neither be asked for nor rejected. In the end, the president has decided that he will take on this portfolio, and I do so as an honor and a huge responsibility.” , said the new minister.

All the eyebrows arched at this point. Precisely, after the last known journalistic information on the departure of Iván Redondo, after having asked Sánchez to be the new minister of the Presidency, although of his entourage they deny this point. Everyone present, as LaSexta was able to testify, interpreted it that way.

However, sources close to the new minister Bolaños deny that with this “controversial” phrase he addressed Redondo, but that he was speaking in a private capacity. They also indicate that he wishes “the best” to the former chief of staff, who dropped a handwritten note he sent to the media in which he left the government of his own free will.

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