Belarra accuses Church of being “complicit” in “sexual violence against children”, provokes murmurs in Congress

Publication: Thursday, April 15, 2021 12:56

Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, defended the new Children’s Law in Congress on Thursday, which extends the time limit for starting the statute of limitations for serious crimes until the victim reaches the end of the spectrum. age 35, to prevent business from going unpunished.

In this sense, the intervention of the member of Unidas Podemos was not without tension with certain parties of the hemicycle, in particular by addressing the role of the Church in this type of aggression: “The Catholic Church has being too often an accomplice of our country conceals sexual violence and that must stop ”, he declared in front of the murmur of part of the lower house, and the complaints of certain deputies.

Likewise, Belarra also stressed the need to communicate these abuses, not least because “popular sovereignty says no” to violence against children, and sends them a direct message: “No one has the right to rape you or to rape you. touch your body without consent. If someone is hurting you at school, let them know at home, if they are hurting you at home, ask for help at school. Nothing that has happened to you is your fault, ask for help because someone will help you, ”he exclaimed to applause.

Congress gives the green light to the law this Thursday, since it has the support of the PSOE, United We Can, PP, Ciudadanos, Bildu, Grupo Plural, BNG, Más País and the Republican group. Thus, with this approval, the text will be sent to the Senad, where it will have to be debated again to complete its processing.

This law reaches the plenary with improvements approved by the Commission of Social Rights and Comprehensive Policies on Disability, where 200 amendments from different groups and more than 60 transactional were incorporated into the approved report, which received the vote against Vox and PNV and the abstention of the Republican Group and EH Bildu.

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