Belarra accuses Robles of “siding with the right” after rejecting king’s inquiries

Updated: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 1:15 PM

Posted: 13.01.2021 13:09

The Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, has staged a new friction with the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles. Belarra, Pablo Iglesias’ “number three” in government, accused Robles of “lining up on the right and on the ultras”, after rejecting the king’s inquiries this morning in an interview and ensuring that United We Can question the institutions.

Asked Onda Cero about the commission of inquiry to the King Emeritus which has already rejected the Congress Bureau, Robles assured that “it can be a question of questioning our institutions” and stressed that “in a solid democracy and serious “that it is not positive.

In addition, the defense chief insisted on the fact that within the government there are “different positions”, but that the opinion of the executive is marked by the president of the government.

Robles’ statements didn’t like purple and Belarra, one of his top executive officers, took to Twitter to respond and, to be clear, included a screenshot of the interview with the minister: Congress is investigating, as its lawyers have admitted it can do, the allegedly illegal activities of Juan Carlos, it is precisely to defend the institutions. Protecting privilege and aligning with the Right and the Ultras once again is disappointing. “

Constant friction between the two

This isn’t the first time Belarra and Robles have had a public clash. This already happened in November, when Belarra made Robles ugly by saying “maybe she’s hurting” the government by becoming the “favorite minister of the powers that want the PP to rule with Vox”.

This was said on Twitter after some statements by the Minister of Defense, who reminded the second vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias, that the chief executive is Pedro Sánchez. “And sometimes no one should forget that, even in government,” Robles snapped, criticizing Podemos for acting, in turn, like the government and the opposition.

Belarra told Robles that “being humble does not mean being flattered by the media right.” “When you are the preferred minister of the powers that want the PP to rule with VOX, you may be doing your government wrong,” he added.

Barely the day before, the Secretary of State had already replied to the Minister of Defense by telling him that banning the expulsions of the vulnerable population demonstrates the will to govern for everyone, “not just for rentiers, banks or investment funds “. Robles attacked United We Can’s position on deportations and the Sahara conflict.

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