Belarra places Irene Montero as “number two” and pledges to “feminize the leadership” of post-Iglesias Podemos


Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2021 11:10 a.m.

The Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and aspiring to lead Podemos, Ione Belarra, has placed her partner in the Council of Ministers Irene Montero as number two on her list to lead the purple formation.

Belarra is betting on the Equality Minister and Export spokesperson for United We Can in Congress as a ticket to lead the party into its new post-church stage, as LaSexta has learned.

The aspiring violet is committed to an “absolute feminization of the leadership of Podemos” and that this new stage of the party be guided, fundamentally, by women.

Among the first names on the list are also the current Secretary of State for Equality, Noelia Vera, or the spokesperson so far in the Madrid Assembly, Isa Serra. In the starting positions, there are also prominent names of the party such as Pablo Echenique, its spokesman in Congress, or Rafa Mayoral.

Belarra’s candidacy also undertakes to strengthen the territorial directorates in the future executive, since it will include eleven territorial coordinators on its list. This bet targets electoral growth and aspires to lead the government with Yolanda Díaz as the United We Can cartel.

Here are the top ten candidates on the list:

1 Ione Belarra Urteaga

2 Irene Montero Gil

3 Noelia Vera Ruiz

4 Isa Serra Sánchez

5 Idoia Villanueva Ruiz

6 Alejandra Jacinto Uranga

7 Pablo Echenique Robba

8 Ignacio Alvarez Peralta

9 Sofía Fernandez Castañón

Ten Rafael Mayoral Perales

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