Belarus Hijacking of Ryanair journalist for plane arrest Roman Protasevich sparked international outrage: Belarus arrests disgruntled journalist by ‘hijacking’ passenger plane, causing heckling

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The forced landing of the Ryan Air passenger plane to Belarus created a haze. Belarus arrested journalist Roman Protsevich, his girlfriend on board.
There was a ruckus over the forced landing of Ryan Air passenger jets from Greece to Lithuania on Sunday. Belarus arrested journalist Roman Protsevich and his girlfriend Sophia inside the plane. After this “terrorist” incident, the European Union banned the flight of Belarusian planes from its airspace. Not only that, the European Union of 27 countries has asked its airlines not to fly over Belarus.

The European Union also announced that further sanctions would be imposed on Belarus. It is said that the Ryan Air plane was hijacked to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, after bomb threats against a plane going from Greece to Lithuania. Journalist Roman Protsevich was arrested at Minsk airport. A video of Roman was released on Monday in which he is seen “ confessing ” to his crime committed by the Belarusian administration.

Lukashenko sent a MiG-29 fighter jet on Sunday
Roman could be sentenced to 15 years in prison for his alleged crimes. It is said that the eccentric leader of Belarus, Lukashenko, sent his MiG-29 fighter plane on Sunday and forced the Ryan Air plane to divert to Minsk. Earlier, the official Belarusian TV channel reported that Roman had been arrested. Roman has been accused of causing widespread unrest by the Belarusian government.

It is visible in the video footage that Roman has black markings on his face. Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovkaya said it is clear from the image that the Romans are under physical and mental pressure. The European Union demanded the immediate release of Roman and his girlfriends. After this incident, the political crisis in Belarus once again became a topic of discussion around the world. President Lukashenko is accused of brutal repression in order to stay in power.

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