believes that it is easier for Sánchez to grant pardons

Posted: Tuesday June 08, 2021 1:16 PM

ERC leader Oriol Junqueras’ platform, posted on in which he first admits that the one-sided path does not work and assumes the possibility of a pardon, has elicited much relief and concern. optimism within the executive, according to government sources at LaSexta.

His words were seen in Pedro Sánchez’s environment as a very big leap, considering that “Junqueras is the moral leader of the independence movement”. In this sense, they consider the unilateral path as disabled and stress that although he does not like laws, Junqueras respects them.

The same sources underline that after the gesture of the president with the pardons, ERC was “obliged” to move and to recognize that this step facilitates the task of the government and complicates the task of the right, whose demonstration is envisaged this Sunday on the Plaza de Madrid. de Colón see deflated.

On the other hand, they admit that Junqueras’ letter calmed the critical voices of socialist barons such as Guillermo Fernández Vara and Ximo Puig, not so much the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page.

JxCAT and CUP insist on amnesty

The deputy of Junts per Catalunya, Miriam Nogueras, assured that the solution to the Catalan conflict “passes by the amnesty” and ensures that ERC is the one who “must give explanations on the remarks of Junqueras”. “I am sticking to the pact of Junts and the ERC. If anything has changed, it must be the ERC that explains it,” he said.

In the same vein, CUP MP Mireia Vehí spoke, admitting that pardons “can improve the personal situation of detainees” although she assured that “they are not a collective political solution”. In this sense, he assures us that “amnesty and self-determination” are.

“You cannot give up any way because the government wants to govern only within the framework of the Constitution. We give time at the dialogue table but the government must put amnesty and self-determination on the table”, a- he launched.

In fact, the CUP responded to Junqueras with another letter in which they warn that one cannot renounce “unilateralism” and in which they accuse the government of trying to “end the strategy and shut down. a cycle of struggle and organization with the graces of the prisoners of 1-O “.

In this letter, they also paraphrase Junqueras himself, stressing that “you cannot give up any form of democratic struggle to win freedom, nor unilateralism”.

PP considers Junqueras letter “disgusting”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, assured that it seemed “scandalous” to give “credibility to a letter of a coup d’etat that shattered Catalonia” and blamed Sánchez for ” rely on them “.

“I find it disgusting, reprehensible, a joke, a sham and it hurts me even more that it is the Spanish government that allows all of this, which is absolutely illegal,” he said.

Bildu, More Country and Compromís call for dialogue

EH Bildu spokesperson in Congress said that “the way to resolve the political conflict is through dialogue”, while Íñigo Errejón called for Junqueras’ letter to be “taken seriously”.

“He is saying important things aimed at resolving the political conflict. I am not saying that it is the solution, but rather the first steps to reach a solution,” said the leader of Más País.

For his part, Joan Baldoví, saw the passage of Junqueras “positive” and recalled that it is a problem which “must resolve the policy and not the courts”.

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