Belt and Road Biden Xi Jinping: Belt and Road: China’s Belt and Road Project will be hit hard, Biden suggests

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s billion dollar dream project, Belt and Road, is going to be fiercely fought. US President Joe Biden has suggested funding the effort of democratic countries. Biden made the suggestion at a time when tensions between China and the United States are escalating. Biden made the offer in a phone conversation with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

There are tensions between the United States and China over the atrocities committed against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. “I suggested that we should also have a necessary initiative from democratic countries to help communities around the world that need real help,” Biden told media after speaking with the British prime minister. Biden’s benchmark was an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Project.

Hambantota port has been leased to China for 99 years
China has distributed loans around the world under the Belts and Roads project. This has increased the concern of regional forces and Western countries, as the dragon’s influence grows. China has helped many countries around the world to build roads, railways, dams and ports. Small countries like Sri Lanka are caught in the debt trap of this project from China. Sri Lanka had to lease its Port of Hambantota to China on a 99-year lease.

Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the billion dollar project after coming to power in 2013. The project will connect Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Gulf region, Africa and the Europe by road and sea route. India boycotted him for the BRI’s CPEC project. In fact, the $ 60 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will pass through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. India is opposed to it. This is the flagship project of the BRI.

China invested $ 800 million in Gwadar
China is developing the port of Gwadar in Pakistan under the BRI at an estimated cost of $ 800 million. Although Chinese officials have repeatedly said that the purpose of Gwadar Port and CPEC is purely economic and commercial, China’s real intention behind this is to increase military dominance. Military experts say China could use Gwadar as a naval base.

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