benjamin netanyahu attack on an israeli ship: the israeli prime minister threatens, the iranian enemy has attacked our ship, will act

Strong points:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday described Iran as his country’s worst enemy and alleged that Iran attacked an Israeli cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday called Iran his country’s worst enemy. He also alleged that he attacked an Israeli cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman last week. Netanyahu said in a conversation with the Israeli public broadcaster “Cannes” that “it is indeed an act of Iran, that is clear.”

Netanyahu said: “Iran’s greatest enemy is Iran, I am determined to stop it. We are attacking the whole region. On Friday, the Israeli ship MV Helios Ray mysteriously exploded in the Gulf of Oman on its way to Singapore. According to US defense officials, there was no damage to the crew in this explosion, but the ship had four holes.

‘Iran responsible for the attack’
On Sunday, he was brought to Badargah in Dubai for repair. The ship landed cars at several ports before the explosion. However, after the explosion he had to postpone his trip and was brought to the port of Dubai for repair and inspection. In recent days, the Israeli defense minister and the army chief have indicated that they hold Iran responsible for the attack. There is currently no response from Iran to Israel’s claims. The incident led to new security concerns in the West Asian maritime region amid growing tensions with Iran.

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