Benjamin Netanyahu: Corona vaccination now begins in Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu receives first vaccine – Benjamin Netanyahu receives pfizer-biontech Covid vaccine and begins deployment in Israel

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After Great Britain and the United States, the Corona vaccination program has also started in Israel.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a vaccine on Saturday to protect against infection with the corona virus. The program was broadcast live on television. Netanyahu is the first person in his country to receive the Corona virus vaccine. With this, he joined the selected leaders of the world who received this vaccine.

Pfizer vaccine given to Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Health
He said he wanted to get the first vaccine to set an example and he also wanted to inspire people through it. Along with Netanyahu, Israeli Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein also received a dose of the Corona vaccine. The vaccination program was officially launched in Israel after the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine was administered to these two leaders.

Netanyahu hopes to return to normalcy soon
After the vaccination, Netanyahu said: “I hope the situation in Israel will return to normal soon.” Describing this as the time to come, he said that by connecting businesses, work will start soon and people will be able to live as before.

Health workers will receive the first dose
Israel’s health ministry said that starting on Sunday, frontline workers across Israel will receive doses of the corona vaccine at 10 hospitals and vaccination centers. After that, the Vaccines program will be launched for the general public. In the first phase, people over the age of 60 will receive a priority dose of the vaccine.

The general public will be vaccinated in Israel from December 27
Give a Shoulder, the largest immunization program in Israeli history, will be launched from December 27. Israel is preparing to provide daily doses of corona vaccine to 60,000 people. For this, doses of Pfizer vaccine were also started. Israel has already partnered with Pfizer for the 8 million doses of the Corona vaccine.

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