Benjamin Netanyahu Corruption Case: Corruption Case Against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Corruption Case Against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The trial in a corruption case against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began on Monday in the Jerusalem court and he declared himself innocent. General elections are due here after a few weeks. Netanyahu was charged with cheating, treason and bribery in three separate cases last year. In recent months, the Israeli people have gathered in large numbers and demonstrated every weekend to demand the resignation of Netanyahu, who is besieged by corruption charges.

“ Corona did not compete well ”
Critics say Netanyahu also failed to properly tackle the Corona virus crisis. Large numbers of people gathered outside the court even during Netanyahu’s appearance. He is said to have accepted expensive gifts from his wealthy friends and offered to benefit veterans of the media industry in exchange for spreading news in favor of himself and his family.

First PM in the country accused of corruption
Earlier, the hearing in the case was postponed due to lockdown restrictions last month. Netanyahu is the longest-serving prime minister to rule Israel, facing corruption charges during his tenure. Netanyahu has denied all the allegations. He also refused to resign from the post.

At Monday’s hearing, Netanyahu’s lawyers responded in writing that his client was not guilty. About 20 minutes after the hearing, Netanyahu left the courtroom and then left. The case against Netanyahu began in May of last year. AP Mansi Pawaneshwanesh

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