benjamin netanyahu: Netanyahu appealed to Prime Minister Modi in the Israeli embassy explosion case, Doval also looked after the front – during the embassy explosion netanyahu said ” there is absolute confidence “that India will ensure the security of the Israelis.

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After the explosion outside the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a special appeal. Netanyahu told Prime Minister Modi – I believe all the people of Israel and the Jews will be safe. Ensure NSA Ajit Doval and S. Jaishankar also speak to their Israeli counterparts in action
Political enthusiasts have also multiplied in Tel Aviv following an explosion near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed confidence on Friday that Indian officials will ensure the safety of all Israelis and Jews living in India. A low-intensity IED explosion occurred outside the Israeli embassy in Delhi on Friday evening.

Doval spoke to the Israeli NSA
Indian National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval spoke to his Israeli counterpart Mir Ben Shabbat. He briefed them on the situation following the bombing near the Israeli embassy and the ongoing investigation. He informed that Prime Minister Netanyahu had been briefed on the latest situation.

Netanyahu appealed to Prime Minister Modi
Netanyahu said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be informed that Israel is confident that Indian authorities will conduct a full investigation into the incident and ensure the safety of Israelis and the Jews living there. He said the two sides agreed to cooperate fully through all channels.

Jaishankar also called the Israeli foreign minister
Indian Foreign Minister SK Jaishankar also spoke with his Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenji and assured him of full security for diplomats and the embassy. Jaishankar said in a tweet that India took the incident very seriously. He said he had just spoken to Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenji about the explosion outside the Israeli embassy. We take this very seriously. Convinced them to fully protect the Israeli embassy and diplomats. Jaishankar said the case was under investigation. No nucleus will be left to detect the culprits.

Delhi IED explosion: Israel blamed embassy explosion suspected of terrorism, Delhi police suspected of mischief
Statement by the Israeli Foreign Ministry
Earlier, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that all of its diplomats and embassy staff were safe after the explosion outside the embassy in New Delhi. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that an explosion occurred outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi some time ago. No casualties were reported and the building was not damaged. All Israeli diplomats and embassy staff are safe. Indian officials are investigating the incident and are in contact with Israeli authorities. The ministry said the Foreign Ministry is constantly informed of the situation and has been instructed to take all necessary precautions. “We will share more information with you,” the statement said.

Delhi police say low intensity explosion
Earlier, Delhi Police Additional PRO Anil Mittal said it was a very low intensity explosion. He said no one was injured and there was no property damage. The glasses of three vehicles standing right there were broken. Mittal said someone seems to have done this mischievous act in an attempt to create a sensation.

PM Modi and Netanyahu

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