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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu advocated attack on Gaza, a country has the right to protect itself, the United States also claims that Karanetanahu, Israel is fighting Hamas, does not sit comfortably to take action to obtain a political advantage in terror Denial of accusation
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again advocated an attack on the Gaza Strip, claiming that a country has the right to defend itself. He said America knew he would do the same. On CBS ‘Face the Nation, Netanyahu denied any political motive behind the attacks. The attacks carried out so far have killed 174 Palestinians, including 47 children and 10 have died in Israel, including two children. Fighting continues in Gaza on both sides.

‘Hamas should not rest while attacking’
Netanyahu reiterated that Israel is fighting against the Hamas terrorist organization that is hiding behind civilians. They said: “If Hamas feels it can sit comfortably attacking us with rockets, then it is wrong.” He said Israel was targeting terrorists, their rockets and weapons and would not allow them to escape. He also asked the interviewer what would have happened if this attack had taken place in America.

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‘It will take time now’
Netanyahu also denied claims that he would take such steps to stay in power. He said the lives of soldiers and civilians were never used for political ends. He said the military operation was continuing “with all its might” and that “it will take longer”. Netanyahu said Israel wanted Hamas to “pay a high price” and to “restore peace and security” about a week after the conflict.

Netanyahu also defended the attack on the Associated Press office in Gaza. He said the building also had a Hamas office and its officials lived there. He said the building was evacuated before the attack and therefore no one was injured in the incident. He also said information about it had been shared with US intelligence agencies. They said

Israel’s bloody revenge, killing 11 Hamas commanders

Benjamin Netanyahu (file photo)

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